We look for personal car leasing companies with no deposit

With the British economy still struggling it's no surprise that people are looking to save money wherever possible, while making it as straightforward as they can to keep track of their monthly outgoings so that there are no nasty surprises awaiting them down the line. This is especially important now that there is a huge question mark over jobs that used to be among the most secure in the country. Since we never know what's around the corner it makes sense not only to live within our means, but to give ourselves enough of a buffer on our expenses that we can actively save money each month just in case we need it down the line.

One great way to achieve these things is to lease your car instead of buying it outright. While this is something that has been done for decades on the European mainland, it has only recently started to become popular throughout the United Kingdom. Many detractors of car leasing claim that you might actually pay more than the cost of the car outright over the term of your leasing deal, but the fact is that you'll be paying in such manageable instalments that this simply won't be an issue - plus you'll have the option of upgrading the car available to you whenever you like with many companies, or when the lease term has expired with others.

When it comes to finding a personal car leasing company with no deposit, there is one name that comes top of the list every time. Euro Lease Direct, located online at euroleasedirect.co.uk, have a stunning range of cars available without deposit.

Right now their best deals include a Ford Focus Hatchback 1.6. 105 Zetec in 5 door model for just £279 per month all inclusive, and a Mazda 5 MPV 1.8 TS 5 Door for just £299 per month all inclusive. With prices like these it's absolutely no wonder that so many people swear by Euro Lease Direct for all their leasing needs.

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