How personal car leasing in Scotland can save you money

Many people today are choosing personal car leasing in Scotland instead of purchasing their own vehicle. Depending on the annual mileage they can expect to generate, it can often be cheaper for them to hire a vehicle than to purchase their own car. This is because any vehicle in their possession will depreciate in value from the date of its purchase. If this loss of value, coupled with other costs, exceeds the cost of renting a car, then it is less expensive for them to hire a brand new car each year.

When it comes to leasing a car in Scotland, you must choose between personal car leasing deals and business car leasing deals. Different hire contracts exist for business and personal customers, and it is therefore important that you specify which category you fall into before requesting a price quote. Those looking at personal car leasing in Scotland will find that they have a number of options, as there are quite a few car hire companies operating in the country.

Any personal car leasing contract in Scotland will include terms relating to mileage. These can vary depending on the hire company in question. However most contracts will contain an estimated mileage, which the car can cover during the period of the lease. If the customer then exceeds this mileage before returning the car, additional fees will be incurred.

The primary difference between business and personal car leasing deals in Scotland is that personal car leasing quotes will be inclusive of VAT, while business leasing deals will not. If you do decide to lease a car on a long term basis you should be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary insurance is taken out on the vehicle. Some companies which provide car leasing services include avatarvehicles.co.uk and capitalvehicle.co.uk.

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