Looking for where you can get personal credit loans in ireland?

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Due to the economic recession Ireland currently find themselves in the amount of people looking for personal credit loans has risen dramatically and if you are one of these people this blog could be for you. The banks in Ireland at the minute are a no go for personal loans so we will take a look here at where the best places to find these loans are and the ways to go to acquire them.

Because of the situation the banks are in at the minute the best alternative for personal credit loans is your local Credit Union. To be in a situation to get a loan from them you will have to become a member and show them regular savings which will look good when you apply. The maximum loan that you can get from the Credit Union is €38,092 and there is no minimum limit on loans. There is no consistency among Credit Unions as to what interest rate is charged on loans. To apply for a loan with them call into your local Credit Union where a member of staff will be glad to assist you.

Provident are another company offering personal credit loans in Ireland. They provide unsecured loans up to €500 and even if you have bad credit history you can still get a loan from them. You can apply for a personal loan from Provident on line at www.providentpersonalcredit.ie and you will get an answer instantly and if your approved the money will reach you within a day.

We hope you have found this blog useful and hope it helps you obtain a personal credit loan in Ireland.

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