Where to find personal lease cars with no deposit

Consumers who are interested in leasing a vehicle are typically looking for options that will allow them to drive a new vehicle every two or three years. There are a variety of personal lease cars available with no deposit required. However, many dealerships require a deposit that is equal to the first months lease payment.

One benefit of leasing a vehicle is that you will consistently have a car that is under warranty and you can lower the maintenance costs. A second benefit of leasing a car is that you have the ability to get a higher quality vehicle, compared to having to get financing that may restrict the type of vehicle you want to purchase. Leasing options have different contract terms. Learn about the different personal lease cars with no deposit options that are available...

Euro Leasing Direct

Euro Leasing Direct has personal lease cars with no deposit options. They offer the Volkswagen Passat Saloon. Contract details of this no deposit, personal lease plan are £349.00 per month, free home delivery and include 12 months of road tax. The car has alloy wheels, Bluetooth connection, air conditioning and electric windows.

Another vehicle offered by Euro Leasing Direct is the Alfa Mito. This 3 door vehicle has alloy wheels, Bluetooth and air conditioning. There is no documentation charge and comes with free home delivery. Monthly lease payments on this vehicle are £239 per month.

When dealing with personal lease cars that have no deposit with Euro Leasing Direct, consumers must pass a credit check and use direct debit for payments. Consumers have the option to select a maintenance package for a fee.

Contract Hire and Leasing

Another company that offers personal lease cars with no deposit is Contract Hire and Leasing. Options include the Mazda 6 Estate. This is leased for £329 per month. No initial payment is needed. Contract terms are for 36 months. The mileage requirement is 10,000 miles per year. Another vehicle from this company is the Fiat 500 Hatchback. This is another 36 month contract. Yearly mileage is 10,000 miles. Pricing for this hatchback is £179 per month.

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