Our guide to mortgage brokers in Ireland

If you've just spotted your dream house and you're about to start shopping for mortgages, then we have some information that may interest you. The absolute best way to get a cheap mortgage in Ireland is to use a mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers work by scouring the market on your behalf to find the lowest possible quote for your home loan. This saves you the hassle and leg work of actually checking these companies out for yourself, and it gives you the expert advice of the broker to lean on too.

Unlike the UK, where companies like Compare the Market and Money Supermarket rule the roost, Ireland doesn't have that many options when it comes to this sort of thing, so we recommend pointing your browser at Home Loans website at - http://www.homeloans.ie/.

Home Loans pride themselves on providing independent mortgage advice and quotes using their years of expertise in the field. They have a bricks and mortar branch in Swords in Dublin if you wish to pay them a visit, however they conduct most of their business online. They pride themselves on three key features: Fast, efficient service, Independent and impartial advice, and that they're a one stop shop for mortgages, life assurance and Home Insurance.

You can even give them a text on their SMS helpline at 087 239 4289, and an expert will get back to you within minutes. Check them out today and see if they can save you money on your mortgage.

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