Are you looking for personal loans with bad credit in Ireland?

If you have bad credit history and you are looking for a personal loan then you're probably finding a lot of doors are getting closed in your face. Pretty much all of the traditional financial institutions won't even consider you for a loan. So what can you do to get personal loans with bad credit in Ireland?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for loans, your options are quite limited. We are loathe to point anyone in the direction of loan sharks, so we won't be doing that in this blog. However, we do have a company that offers a decent short term solution for anyone looking for cash in Ireland.

Considering Pay Day loans are illegal in Ireland, we recommend you check out Borrow Now, who you can find online at borrownow.ie. Borrow Now are essentially a pawnbroker, who will give anyone, regardless of bad credit history, a loan against the value of their possessions like jewellery, watches, loose diamonds, gold coins and bullion, art and antiques.

They offer loans starting at 500 Euro, and will offer you typically 30% of the cash value against your item. To secure a loan against your item, all they need is Proof of ID (current licence or passport), Proof of Address (utility bill) and Proof of Ownership (receipt or copy of insurance policy with item listed).

If you'd like to borrow from them, you can give them a call at 01 642 53 84, or else email them at info@borronow.ie. Check them out today and stop a bad credit history from preventing you making the purchases that you want and need.

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