Petrol ‘rip off’

Prices at the pump should be falling, not on the rise, according to a report by the AA.

The motoring organization claims that the wholesale price of gasoline has dropped during the past month.

At the end of December it was £524 per tonne but that fell to £505 by the end of January.

AA president Edmund King thinks the government should introduce a price stabiliser.

‘We understand prices remain volatile, but hope retailers will pass on savings when they can,’ he said.

The AA believes petrol stations are keeping prices high in order to compensate for bad sales over the Christmas period.

But the levels have been defended by the Petrol Retailers Association. A spokesperson told Sky News: ‘Forecourts are closing at the rate of around 400 per year with smaller, but socially vital, rural sites most at risk.

‘Attempts to deflect the impact of relentless government tax hikes by suggesting that retailers are 'profiteering' are ludicrous.’

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