Where can I find PhD grants?

If you are thinking of embarking on research at doctoral level, you might want to consider how you will finance your studies.

PhD students need to budget for at least three years of study, including travel, subscriptions, equipment, books and other resources, over and above their fees and living or accommodation costs.

Some PhDs are sponsored by employers, while other courses are funded by the relevant research council, for example the Arts and Humanities Research Council, or the Natural Environment Research Council. In addition, many universities offer PhD studentships which include fees and living expenses. In some cases, however, students are entirely self funding.

There are some really useful websites which can help you to find PhD grants. A prospective doctoral student’s first port of call should be FindAPhD.com, which lists university studentships and provides links to all the UK research councils, along with details of charities such as the Wellcome Trust. There’s also a helpful section for overseas students who are studying in the UK.

Another good website is Hot Courses, at scholarship-search.org.uk, which allows you to look for PhD grants by subject, from archaeology to technology. The search filter helps to find funding by keyword, gender and the area of the UK in which you live.

The postgraduatestudentships.co.uk site is also well worth a visit. It filters funding opportunities by discipline, such as arts and humanities, business or medicine, then you can go on to select your subject area, where it will list available studentships or bursaries from universities, charities and trusts.

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