Play the Credit Card game and you'll win


Oscar Wilde was wrong – the whole world’s not a stage, it’s a game, yes the whole thing is just one big game.

Whether it’s Customs and Immigration, or as my Aussie mate calls it Costumes and Irritation, Insurance quotes, phone companies or Ha! that most oxymoronic of phrases, Customer Service.

Since it’s a game and they make the rules, the best way to play is to learn their rules and beat them at it.

Having lived in the States for some years – that’s them who invented the game called Capitalism that we all play – I learned how to play and win when it comes to Credit Cards.

There will be some slight advantages with opting for a particular Credit Card Company based on the sign up offers or affiliated airlines, car hire companies, hotels etc. Basically though, they’re all the same. They each offer, usually, a 6 month opening deal of anything from 5 to 9% - then your repayment rate shifts up to anything from 15 to 19%.

So what you do is simple – you play Credit Card Switcheroo. Sign up for company A – let’s say your local bank’s VISA offer – get the 6 months at low interest. Then switch to company B for the next 6 months, then company C and on and on and on.

But hold on there a minute – you don’t want 20 credit cards in your wallet – you really don’t – so cut up and cancel each card as you go along, and make sure you meet at least the minimum repayments each month – that way they’ll eventually be calling you up begging you to stay with them and will finally offer you a long-term low interest rate at which point you’ve won the game and can switch your attention to more important matters, like playing with the phone companies...

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