PM summit: Sainsbury’s annonuces 20,000 new jobs

The big news from David Cameron’s employment summit with some of the UK’s biggest retailers is that Sainsbury's has announced plans to create 20,000 new jobs over the next three years.

The jobs are to be across the UK and come after the supermarket has already created 13,000 employment opportunities during the last two years.

All major supermarkets were invited to the jobs summit at Downing Street, and it was good news all round. Morrisons announced it would create 5,700 new jobs by opening new stores and 300 jobs in manufacturing.

Also in attendance at the summit were supermarket giant Tesco, which plans to create 9,000 extra jobs across the UK in 2011, the Co-Op (1,000) and Asda (15,000 retail apprenticeships).

Others retailers involved included John Lewis and Microsoft, who have pledged to create 4,000 jobs apiece, as well as Centrica (2,600), InterContinental Hotels (1,000) and Kingfisher (several hundreds).

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