Where to get the best police mortgages

Police mortgages are exactly what you think they are: loans specifically designed to benefit police and maximise use of the general scheme used for police compensation.


The Police Federation Mortgages, among other things, provides police officers a regularly updated list of the best mortgage offers for police officers. This is an independent group of mortgage advisers that have obtained the approval of the police federations of all major regions of the UK. Asking for their advice and help is completely for free and their services paid by whichever mortgage company approves your application.


This is also another independent mortgage consultation firm that offers advice and suggestions for a police officer’s financial needs. You can contact the company for inquiries and concerns at 0800 316 5756.


Also an independent company, Harmans is different from the other two, however, in the sense that it offers a more efficiently designed layout and information-packed pages. It offers an online mortgage calculator, as well as tips for other financial needs you may have.

Unlike with other companies, Harmans does not only deal with the usual range of police mortgages. If necessary, it can also help you afford and book the travel package you have always dreamed of through its partner Forces Travel. Lastly, Harmans offers as well investment advice and services. If you sign up for their discount investment scheme, you will only have to pay 1% as their commission fee. In return, you can enjoy up to £330 for every £10,000 you have invested.

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