Polish Car Insurance in UK - Is it legal

Is it legal to have a Polish car insurance policy in the UK? A growing number of Polish people are registering their cars in Poland, while living in the UK to obtain cheaper car insurance. It can be up to six times cheaper than the average premiums in the UK.

Thousands of drivers are now using loopholes in the law to obtain cheaper insurance. They register the car in Poland and obtain the insurance there. However, it is only legal for six months so they have to take the car out of the UK for any length of time and repeat the process again. This ensures that the police in the UK can not prosecute them.

The police in the Uk don't have sufficient contact with the Polish insurance companies, so the drivers can produce Polish insurance certificates, safe in the knowledge that the Uk police do not have the resources to follow up on such documents.

There is legal precedent for this in Scotland. Jeremiasz Kosinski was a Polish immigrant and had registered and insured his car in Poland. He was stopped by the police and they officers tried to fine him for not having British car insurance. When he refused to pay, they took his car to a police car park, for which he had to pay. He contested this in court and Mr Kosinski managed to prove that Polish car insurance was valid in Scotland.

There is no doubt that while this legal loophole in the law exists, it will be exploited by people. The British legal system is hampered by European law in relation to this issue. While it may seem unfair to many other British drivers, who pay far higher premiums, for the moment it appears this issue is here to stay.

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