Have you tried the Post Office for dog insurance?

We all know how much a dog becomes part of the family and that's why we should look after it the same way as the rest of the family with the proper insurance in place for when things go wrong. There are many places that offer excellent dog insurance packages, but we think one of the best is the Post Office dog insurance package.

The Post Office dog insurance packages includes cover for vets' fees up to £5000. This is much higher than many of the other dog insurance providers and affords you complete peace of mind that should your best friend ever need medical attention that was out of your price range, you will still be able to access it.

Another big advantage of Post Office dog insurance is there's no 12 month limit on claims. Many other pet insurance providers will only provide cover for 12 months and after that you're on your own. With dog insurance from the Post Office, once your premiums are up to date, you'll continue being covered.

And there's no upper age limit on the dog you want to get insured. Many insurers refuse to cover older dogs, but the Post Office are happy to protect your furry friend. The only exemption for dogs over eight years old is they won't be covered for death from illness in the policy. The minimum age for dogs to get cover is eight weeks. This is so the insurer can note any illnesses that may develop from birth.

If you love to bring your dog abroad, you'll be delighted to know that with overseas cover from the Post Office, your dog will be covered for any medical treatment it receives while out of the country.


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