Make the most of Post Office services in Oxfordshire

The times are long gone when a Post Office was just a place to drop off a parcel and buy a postal order for your nephew's birthday. There is a whole range of financial dealings that can be accommodated by the Post Office services in Oxfordshire.

For starters, why not think about investing? An Easy Access 24/7 online account can be opened at the website postoffice.co.uk with a 3.01% gross interest rate, competitive with most of the High Street banks. Online bonds for one or 2 years and a variety of ISAs are also available.

If you are heading off on holiday, the Post Office offers exchange on more than 70 currencies at 0% commission. They'll even deliver it to your door. If you are using one of Oxfordshire's more rural post offices, it might be worth giving them some notice, just so the Headington Branch can replenish its stock of pesos.

While we are talking travel, is your passport up to date? If not, your local Post Office will check your application form and send it Recorded Delivery for you, while politely enquiring whether you might be interested in one of their travel insurance policies.

The Post Office credit card also compares favourable with the major banks. The Post Office offers 0% interest for the first 14 months, 0% commission on purchases overseas and 0% on purchases for the first 3 months.

If that's not enough for you, the genealogists in the charming Charlbury Post Office (www.charlburypostoffice.co.uk) will even trace your family tree for you, taking Post Office services in Oxfordshire well beyond the call of duty.

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