Poster power

Vintage ski posters, harking back to glamorous days on snow-topped mountainsides, are proving an unlikely source of profit for ski enthusiasts.

Nostalgia for the golden age of ski, together with some of the art deco-styled design work and vibrant colours, is fuelling demand for the vintage posters. A typical design sold for £4,000 in the late nineties is now fetching £12,000 – three times the poster’s original value.

Christie’s is auctioning 166 vintage ski posters on Wednesday in Kensington. Poster specialist Sophie Churcher, said: 'Key to the appeal of many old ski posters is the sense of fun and excitement they portray.'

'Condition dictates price. For example while the Francisco Tamagno poster may be conservatively valued at between £5,000 to £7,000, a better condition example of this poster was sold by us for £17,500 in 2009.

'Historical hotels still in use today also attract attention. The connection with modern skiers along with a great look can be really appealing.'

She continued: 'The superb quality of the lithographic prints means the limited posters produced were often in vivid colours that have not faded. They were often ripped down and thrown away at the end of the season so having few survivors keeps values high.'

While historic pieces may fetch up to £12,000, posters can be picked up for as little as £1,000. For £4,000 you should be able to buy an iconic poster in great condition.

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