Pounds to Pocket Review

Pounds to Pocket is an online loan service that allows you to borrow up to £2000 and pay back the loan over a period of 12 months or less. However, like many other online loan companies, Pounds to Pocket customer review ratings vary. Although they're generally considered to have a good service, their APR is steep compared to other loan solutions.

What are Pounds to Pocket?

Pounds to Pocket offered personal unsecured loans between £300 and £2000. Like other loan companies, Pounds to Pocket review your credit score and perform a credit check before loaning money and will not accept anyone with CCJs, in debt management or with an IVA.

You can apply online for a Pounds to Pocket loan, where the money can be in your account within an hour if you're accepted. You need to sign an online loan agreement - which you should read carefully - and finish a 4 step application process which also details repayments. If you're not accepted for the loan, Pounds to Pocket will recommend other providers, but you're not obliged to use them.


To apply for a Pounds to Pocket loan, you must meet the following criteria before being considered:

  • Have no more than three defaults on your credit score;
  • Have been in the UK for at least 3 years;
  • Have no CCJs, or none in the past 6 years;
  • Receive a regular income;
  • Be able to provide your income and bank detail;
  • Have a minimum income of at least £700 per month, whether from employment or self-employed work;
  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Hold a valid bank account with a valid visa and debit card.


An online Pounds to Pocket review and survey site shown that 7 out of 10 customers were satisified with the service they received at Pounds to Pocket, with most having no problems with their loan. Generally, the company offers a fast solution to anyone with money troubles and is flexible on who it accepts - however, its APR is 278%, and although you have the option to pay it back over a number of months (which other quick loan providers don't offer) you may find yourself paying out a considerable amount on top of your loan. Although Pounds to Pocket check applicants, ensure you have enough money to meet the high APR depends before taking out a loan.

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