Pre paid credit cards - Everything you need to know

Pre paid credit cards are an excellent idea for anybody who has been refused a credit card or does not went to get themselves further into debt. These prepaid credit cards are basically a form of pay as you go credit card.

The user deposits money onto the card and then uses it to pay for goods or services in the same way you would with any other card. One huge benefit of these cards is that you cannot get into any debt from them. You can only spend whatever amount you have deposited on your card.

There are very little requirements to purchase one and they can be easily purchased online or in selected shops. There is a range of ways to deposit money onto your card such as any Paypoint retailer, post office or even through your bank account. There is a fee for depositing money onto your card.

When you get your new card it will have a MasterCard, Visa or Maestro logo, depending on which company you opted to go with. When you wish to purchase goods online, you simply go ahead and pay as if it is a real MasterCard or Visa. Like the proper credit cards, prepaid cards also include a chip and pin, long card number, expiry date and even a 3 digit security code.

Before you rush ahead and buy and prepaid credit card, you are strongly advised to do some research into the different fees charged for deposits, purchases and any other fees you may encounter. For more information check out creditsolveuk.com/prepaid and what-prepaid-card.co.uk

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