The best value pre paid mastercard available

There are loads of benefits to getting yourself a pre paid Mastercard. Mastercard in association with Payzone money have now introduced the new Swirl card. Swirl MasterCard works in the same way as the Payzone Worldwide Money card but provides customers with the following added benefits:

  • The new Swirl card is chip and pin for extra security
  • Lower load and purchase fees than before
  • Coming soon is bank account to Swirl card loading
  • You save £10 per Ryanair trip
  • Easy to use on Paypal, Moneybookers and a range of other virtual stores.
  • Use your card anywhere that you see the Mastercard symbol.
  • Use it in an ATM machine so you're never out of money
  • Avoid credit card debt as you can only spend what you have already loaded
  • You can now load money at over 1,700 Payzone agents nationwide
  • Save €25 on credit card stamp duty

You can purchase your new Swirl card at any Payzone retailer for just £5. Fee's are a lot smaller than what they were when the first prepaid cards were released. Usual fees that you will charge could include:

  • Fee for using the machine in an ATM.
  • Loading fee of about £3 for every time you load money onto your card in a Payzone agent
  • Annual stamp duty fee - much less than a "real" credit card .
  • A range of other fee's that you should look into prior to buying your new card.

A range of companies offer these cards. for more information on the Mastercard Swirl, please check out payzonemoney.com

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