Your Guide to Preschool Grants

There are a variety of preschool grants available; some are designed to help single parents while others are geared towards students. Depending on marital and financial status, most people with a child will qualify for some kind of help towards their child's early learning costs.

Every child in the United Kingdom aged between three and four years old is entitled to a free nursery place. This is regardless of their parent’s marital status, employment or financial background. Each child is entitled to 15 free hours of nursery places a week, for a total of 38 weeks per year.As well as nursery, these free places cover child-minders, preschool and playgroup places. The Family Information Service (FIS) offers advice and assistance to families who wish to claim their child's free nursery place.

Another of the preschool grants is available for parents in employment and comes in the form of tax credits. If your family survives on a low income,you could reclaim as much as 70% of your childcare costs back through tax credits. The childcare cost limit is £122.50 per week for one child and £210 per week for two children. In order to claim this your child's care provider must be a registered child-minder or nursery.

The New Deal for Lone Parents programme is brand new and information on how it can help you with your childcare costs is available from your local JobCentre Plus. Parents who are in full-time education may be able to claim preschool grants under the Care to Learn scheme. This is available as an addition to any student loan or tax credits you may receive.

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