The best price comparison sites for car insurance

Renewing your car insurance? You're doing yourself a massive dis-service if you haven't taken a good long look at the various price comparison sites car insurance out there. In this blog we'll take a journey through the various sites available.

For starters, let's take a look at the excellent www.moneysupermarket.com. Money Supermarket use more than 100 insurers to see that you get the best available cover at the lowest possible price. Their Car Insurance is especially handy as you can see dozens of quotes without even entering your details. They'll even get you a quote if you have a "colourful" driving past involving accidents and convictions.

Our next site to examine is www.comparethemarket.com, home of the infamous compare the meerkat advertisements. This site works on the same principle, but they allow you to search for multi-car insurance cover, with a special section for over 65's and teenagers. They claim to compare quotes from "hundreds" of insurance providers, so they'll find you the cheapest quote possible.

The final site we suggest you check out is www.elephant.co.uk. Elephant are all about keeping their customers happy, and they do this by sticking to their promises. If you take out a policy with Elephant, they promise that you'll also receive 90 days European cover, and have a choice of easy repayment options. If you decide to get comprehensive cover, these promises get extended even further!

No matter which of these excellent sites you choose, you'll be bound to save a packet!

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