How much can you expect for your old gold?

TV Stations are now awash with constant commercials advertising riches if you're only willing to sell your old gold. This is definitely a growing business, and more and more people in the UK are beginning to cotton on to the possibilities available from selling gold.

Like everything else though, you really need to go into it with your eyes open. There are a plethora of shady operates out there that will try and get you to part with your gold for lower than the market value, so it's vital to arm yourself with knowledge.

Knowing the price of price gold is absolutely essential, and will prevent you from getting ripped off, but how do you know what it is? Well, it can be hard to figure out, but there are a number of things you can to try find out. Reputable UK jewellers will often take a look at your gold and give you an expert appraisal of its value if that's what you seek.

There is also the option of getting it valued online in much the same way. However, for us anyway, we like to do these things ourselves and not rely on others! This is why you should consult a guide to pricing your gold like this one - http://www.myprecious.co.uk/how-to/how-to-tell-what-your-gold-is-worth/. This guide will inform you of how to figure out the quality and weight of your gold, so you can estimate yourself whether it's worth the hassle of sending off or not.

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