We look at the increase in price for gold per gram in 2010

It seems that there are only two things that you can rely on these days when it comes to the financial market - oil getting more expensive, and gold actually representing a solid investment opportunity. Despite the fact that many are singing the praises of silver as an affordable investment, it seems that the price of gold is stuck in a never ending upward trajectory and, despite a few wobbles here and there, that looks set to continue on from the incredible increases seen in the price for gold per gram in 2010.

There are two main markets for gold that concern most people these days. The first, and most obvious, is the trading of it as a commodity on the stock markets. Those who are brave, and backed by substantial amounts of money of course, can make themselves a killing by dealing in gold alone with very few risks associated with the investment.

Sure, a new find of natural gold could see the price drop, or a struggling country's central bank could choose to sell their stockpiled gold in order to ease the burden on their financial systems, but for the most part there are very few factors that could see a notable decrease in the price of such a rare and sought after metal.

The second market, which is still only gaining acceptance in the public eye, is the one focussing on scrap and second hand gold. While there has been a dramatic increase in the visibility of that sector in the past few years, it is still in its infancy when it comes to being viewed as a viable mainstream option.

What these "cash for gold" places have done however, is increase public awareness of the need for gold, which has further increased the price of the metal since 2010.

So whether you're planning on entering the stock markets, or just selling your old jewellery, the price of gold can play an important part in your financial future!

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