What is the price of gold per gram in Sterling?

If you pay even fleeting attention to the financial news, you'll no doubt be aware that both gold and silver have been pretty solid investments in the past year or so.

Despite the occasional downturn their fluctuations have, for the most part, been in the upward direction, and those who managed to get in just before the global financial markets fell asunder are now counting their blessings (and their earnings) for not missing out.

As with most commodities, the prices for gold and silver are normally measured in American dollars, but it is relatively straightforward to get the Sterling price for it, either by using a currency translator or by finding an online resource that specialises in giving multi currency stock values.

At the time of writing the price of gold per gram in Sterling, on the open market, stood at £29.46, up 0.32% since the markets last closed. One thing is for sure, gold is now cheap, either from the jeweller's or on the stock market, so make sure that you carefully weigh up your finances should you decide to take the plunge and invest.

By comparison, the cost of silver per gram in Sterling is a mere £0.93, that represents a huge saving over gold, and it also carries a better price improvement of 0.79% at the time of writing, meaning that it may offer you a much better deal all round.

If you're looking to sell gold, physical gold that you have possession of as opposed to stock market gold, then keeping up to date with prices is even more important. There are countless "money for your gold" type operations springing up these days, but very few of them will offer you anything resembling value, instead offering you paltry sums knowing that you are in need of the cash otherwise you wouldn't be there.

Don't get taken for a ride if you decide to take this route to earn more money; often it is of far more value to sell privately than via these shops.

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