Keep up to date with the price of 1g of gold

Although it might not seem too important to you right now, especially if you don't have any money tied up in stocks, the price of gold across the global stock markets is actually quite important to all of us. As one of the staples of the market, gold prices can have a huge effect on the performance of entire country's economies, as well as having knock on effects on those of other countries.

With the global economy the way it is, having a firm understanding of the way the price of gold is calculated, as well as knowing precisely where to find the up to date price of 1g of gold at any time, is key to predicting what we can expect to happen to the value of our assets in future.

For those who like to invest, gold has long since provided an excellent low risk investment proposition. With prices rarely taking a tumble, it is widely recognised as great way to build up your portfolio. The main stumbling block for many people is the fact that it costs so much to buy any substantial amount of the precious metal either in person or on the stock markets. For that reason, there are many people who would tell you to avoid gold altogether and opt for the more affordable (although far more volatile) silver market.

From our point of view, we would definitely recommend gold if you a really looking to invest. At the excellent goldprice.org you can track the market price of gold across a wide number of markets and in multiple currencies at the touch of a button. It also has a wide range of guides explaining how and where to buy gold, as well as some of the intricacies involved in purchasing it.

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