How to find the price of gold per gram in 2010

One of the best places to find the price of gold per gram in 2010 is the Bank of England database. The website of the Bank of England incorporates a large interactive database with figures dating back a number of decades. This store of information is divided into a number of categories including 'Money and Lending', 'Capital Issuance' and 'Financial Derivatives'. At the very bottom of the list there is a link labelled 'Interest and Exchange Rates etc.', and this is where the data pertaining to gold prices can be found.

Once you select 'gold price' from the list of options available on the 'Interest and Exchange Rates' tab, you will be faced with a number of choices. This allows users to filter the vast amount of data that is available through this application. The primary filters are currency based. Users may choose to view gold prices against Pounds Sterling or against US Dollars.

Each of these currency options then allows users to apply the same series of filters. These filters are: Daily, Monthly Average, End Month, Quarterly Average, End Quarter, Annual Average and End Year. Once one of these options has been selected, users must then input their required date range and then choose their preferred output.

Those seeking the price of gold per gram in 2010 have a number of options available to them. Whether a particular month is of interest, or a daily trend line is required, the Bank of England database will be able to supply the relevant information. The Bank of England database can be accessed at bankofengland.co.uk/statistics/index.htm.

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