Wondering about the price of gold per ounce in Great Britain?

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There has been much in the press in recent years about the price of gold per ounce in Great Britain and the rest of the world. The price of gold has risen dramatically in recent times, and with the economic climate the way it is, people have been quick to cash in using old and broken jewellery and pieces of gold.The banks have been losing out on people placing money into savings accounts, preferring to realise the cash value of unwanted gold and keep the money somewhere else.

From those irritating television adverts urging you to cash in your gold to local jewellers promoting their prices for old gold jewellery, it is easier than ever before to sell gold that is no longer wanted in exchange for some ready cash. The price of gold per ounce in Great Britain at the moment is flying high at £9.31. This is one of the highest prices it has reached in recent times. The all time high was £9.45 per ounce just a week ago.

Despite so many people cashing in on the high prices of gold over the last two or three years, the price does not appear to be falling particularly.If you are considering selling some gold that you no longer want, it may be more sensible to take it to a jeweller or gold broker. The postal companies have been slammed for not offering the best rates as well as not waiting for the customer to approve the cash settlement figure before smelting the gold. A jeweller should give you a more competitive rate whilst not pressuring you to sell.

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