Private Car Lease Deals: Pros and Cons

Private car lease deals -- as opposed to purchasing a car outright, or leasing a car through a traditional business lease agreement -- are becoming more popular in the UK.

Leasing Options -- a leading UK lease company -- defines private car lease deals as arrangements where private individuals take advantage of the lease rates offered to businesses (plus VAT) and lease their own vehicle for personal use.

Traditionally, the car leasing model began with large business clients. In recent years, more and more people have expressed interest in leasing cars on an individual basis, and the vast majority of lease companies now offer private car lease deals.

Leasing a car can allow individuals to drive a new car when they may not be able to afford one otherwise, and it can also allow people to drive a make and model of car that is typically out of their price bracket. Private car lease deals can represent extreme value for money, as long as the user does not exceed pre-set mileage requirements, maintains the car regularly and returns it in great condition.

Currently available private car lease deals in the UK include a Vauxhall Corsa for £109 per month, an Audi TT Coupe (Sport) for £304 per month, a Landrover Freelander for £309 per month, a Ford Fiesta for £154 per month, a BMW 3 Series Coupe for £299 per month, and for those looking to spend less than £100 a month on a vehicle, a Peugeot 107 is available for only £99 per month.

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