Private Housing Grants

Councils across the UK offer private homeowners the chance to apply for private grants. These are designed to help a homeowner pay for essential repairs or modifications they otherwise would not be able to afford.The private housing grants that are available are comprehensive and cover everything from modifying a home for the disabled to ensuring the house is electrically safe.

The Disabled Facilities grant is aimed at people who wish to remain in their own home, living independently but who struggle to do so. The private grants available allow people to make changes to their property, which will facilitate their independent living. The grant is means-tested, but is also generous and people who have a respectable income can still qualify for assistance.

The Local Council Loan Fund is only available through certain councils, so you will need to contact them to find out if you can apply. The loan fund is one of several private grants aimed at helping landlords and private owners carry out essential repairs to their property. The loan covers maintenance such as making a home more energy efficient and removing risks to a person's health, such as asbestos. The loans are available to private homeowners and landlords who have a low disposable income or who are in receipt of certain means-tested benefits.

The House-proud Loan is when a council sends out an inspection officer to decide whether your home needs certain repairs. These private grants are a maximum of £3,000 and applicants must be aged 60-years or over. Certain means-tested benefits will also affect a person's eligibility. To find out what private grants are available in your area, contact your local council offices and ask for a grants list.

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