The Private School Grants Available

Parents want the best for their children and that involves getting the best education. Private school is considered to have the best teachers and help children get the best grades but it’s expensive. However, there are now many private school grants to help families get what they want.

Grants for Tuition

The tuition for private school is extremely high. Many parents will pay at least £10,000 per year, if not even more! However, those on low incomes can receive help for the tuition through grants. Most of these are awarded through the school, so you will have to apply through them. Talk to the admissions personnel at the school to find out how much you can gain. Some families will be able to receive a grant to cover the whole cost while others will only get part of the cost covered.

Sibling Discounts

Parents like to send their children to the same school, which can mean it’s too expensive for private school. However, there are some schools that will offer discounts for a second or third child attending the institution. This is something else that you’ll need to talk to the admissions personnel about.

Scholarships or Merit Awards

For students that do extremely well academically, artistically and athletically, there are scholarships available so that students can go onto high school. These are similar to grants, in the way that they do not need to be paid back, but they are awarded separately. To keep the scholarships, the student needs to continue to shine in the area that it’s awarded for.

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