Privilege comprehensive car insurance

Privilege is an insurance company under the management of the Royal Bank of Scotland, specialising in selling home and car insurance over the internet and telephone. This article deals with the features of Privilege's comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • Basic benefits: With Privilege's comprehensive car insurance plan, you will be eligible for cover of up to £20,000,000 for damage to a third person's property, of yourself when driving another car, of the value your audio, televisual, telephonic or navigational equipment up to £1000 (compared to many other policies which offer less than £500 coverage), of the costs of repairs or replacement up to the value of your car, and much more. Read the full details in the policy booklet at privilege.com/motor/PRIVC01_0711_WEB_PDF_1.pdf.
  • Discounts: You could be entitled to lots of discounts on the cost of your policy, for example if there is only one insured driver in your plan, or if you are insuring several vehicles with Privilege's insurance (10% discount on each additional car). If your named drivers (aside from the policy holder) make no claims, they will also be able to use this history to get discounts of their own.
  • Optional extras: For additional costs, you can buy several extensions to your insurance policy to cover you in the case of alternative eventualities. Breakdown recovery can promise 24 hour speedy assistance 365 days a year if you have an accident on the roads, legal protection can allow up to £100,000 cover for legal expenses, and guaranteed hire car coverage can ensure you will have a hire car provided in the event that your car is impossible to drive due to a claim.

Find out more information about Privilege's comprehensive car insurance, and get your personalised quote today, on their website at privilege.com.

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