Problems with your telecom provider?

Disputes between consumers and telecoms providers are sadly on the rise, as more of us realise we can't function without the t'internet. But rather than spending your days consumed by your battle with the internet giants, instead, why not read our guide to resolving issues in a positive manner. Although being threatened by demands for payment by huge multinational is obviously frightening, these issues can be sorted out easily, if you are armed with the right contacts and advisory bodies.

The Telegraph's consumer advice expert, gives an example of a typical problem with a provider from a reader. He writes, 'I was having a run-in with them having cancelled their service when I retired. The sum of money was small, only £70 and a few pence to start with, but it was mounting and I was being hassled by debt collectors. I paid as we were going to be away for several weeks and we did not want the bailiffs overrunning the place in our absence. I subsequently took up on your suggestion to write to ISPA, which worked splendidly. I was telephoned soon after and offered a refund payable within 28 days. I stuck out for some compensation and settled for £50.'

In the first instance, you should contact the Ombudsman Services Communications, setting out your problem clearly, with evidence. If this fails to reap rewards, then get in touch with the Internet Services Providers' Association, Ispa, the UK's trade association for providers of internet services. Finally, if the previous options don't result in success, and you are being pestered with demands for payments that you disagree with, contact the Credit Services Association, at www.csa-uk.com.

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