Tips for a profitable car boot sale

As the economy continues to struggle, many people are looking for cash in their attics. To make sure that selling off your old treasures is profitable, a car boot sale must be approached carefully, with a few ground rules. Get it right, and the household budget could benefit from a healthy new source of income.

Selling smartly

The key to a profitable car boot sale is self-discipline. Don't be too distracted by the other stalls, don't be enticed into dropping your prices below what is worthwhile, and always keep your focus on making an appreciable profit. Follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Get to the sale early, to check prices at rival stalls, and allow yourself time to make your stall look as attractive as possible.
  • Make sure your merchandise looks clean and presentable. A little polishing, dusting or application of a damp cloth beforehand will make your items stand out, and will help you make those important sales.
  • Pay some attention to your display. Group similar items, like books or records, together, and make it easy for customers to browse.
  • Don't be haggled down too readily. At boot sales, it can pay to be flexible on price, particularly if a customer is interested in buying several items, but don't feel desperate to get rid of everything as quickly as possible.
  • Try to avoid spending your profits, but be alert to potential bargains. Occasionally car boot sales can be a great source of cheap items, particularly rare records or vintage clothes, that can be sold on eBay. This kind of bargain-hunting can be the most profitable aspect of a car boot sale.

Keep coming back

Part of the secret of a profitable car boot sale business is persistence. Occasionally there will be disappointments, when you sell little, and are tempted to give up. On these occasions, restock your merchandise, re-arrange your display and start again. The next sale always offers another chance of boosting that income.

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