Everything you need to know about Progressive home insurance

Whether you own your own home or rent it is important to have a decent home insurance policy in case things go wrong. Most home insurance policies will cover your home from damage either by a third party or weather conditions, as well as cover your valuable contents in the event they are stolen or misplaced. Progressive home insurance offers all different levels of home insurance at reasonable prices.

Progressive home insurance offer two tears of policy, standard and additional. The additional policy features higher cover for your property's structure, replacement of property if your home is considered to be uninhabitable and extra cover for more expensive personal items such as jewellery. Progressive home insurance advise people to take an inventory of their belongings before they decide which policy to purchase. If you have a lot of personal property of great physical or sentimental value, you should consider buying the additional home insurance for the greater coverage.

When choosing the right type of home insurance for your home, you will have a choice from actual cash value, replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost. Actual cash value is the amount it will cost to instigate repairs to your home while still considering natural depreciation. Replacement cost means your home insurance will pay the exact amount it costs to replace any damaged items in your home. Guaranteed replacement covers the full cost of replacing the damaged home if it was no longer safe to live in. You will need to request a valuation from a builder or property specialist to provide Progressive home insurance with a quote for the damage.


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