Property abroad

Interest in overseas properties rose 53% in February on the previous month, according to the latest figures.

Germany, France, Italy and Ireland were the top countries to move to last month. This month, the most seraches were for Spain, followed by France, the USA and Australia.

Rightmove’s Robin Wilson said: ‘Bargain hunters are out in force, primarily focused on Spain and Ireland.

‘We've been tipping Germany for a while now and the north eastern tourist hotspot of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern led the charge this month with searches up nearly 50%.’

Moneycorp’s David Kerns wasn’t surprised more people are investigating Germany’s potential as a country to move to. He said ‘It is unsurprising that Germany is rising up the ranks of popular countries for Britons to escape to.

‘The fact that Germany is seen as a crutch for many of the other eurozone countries, with stable housing and jobs markets, is a strong draw for many people in the UK looking for prospects overseas.’

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