Property Investment Companies: Do You Need Their Help?

Many investment experts consider real estate to be one of the safest types of investments to make, never mind if it also happens to be one of the most expensive. Property investment companies can help you make the right decision if you have funds available for investing, but not the specialised skills and knowledge required to ensure a profitable return.


This firm offers a wide range of services for clients who wish to invest in real estate. They can help you right from the very start, such as by looking for properties to choose from and helping with the acquisition process afterwards. Their services do not end there, though. They can also help you obtain all the documents needed for you to legally build your dream investment property. They can also provide services in the property’s planning, as well as architectural and interior design.

Whenever necessary, Obbard also makes sure to outsource clients’ needs to experts, which typically occurs when services for tax planning and mortgage finance are required.


This company offers weekly releases about the latest properties that clients may invest in, consultation and support for financing and structuring, and a comprehensive range of free courses and training for clients.

Ultimately, this is one of the best property investment companies to consider because of their ‘performance guarantee’ for all the properties they recommend for their clients. These guarantees include a 24-hour sleep test in the property that you invest in, a 2-year guarantee rent under certain conditions, return of finder fees if the company does not get you the mortgage you need and a guarantee to make up for differences in rent payment promised.

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