Protect your classic MG with Classic MG Insurance

If you've got a classic MG car and you are looking to keep it as safe as possible, then we highly recommend taking out a MG with owners club insurance (Classic MG Insurance) policy. Getting these policies is quite simple too, but we do recommend going to a dedicated classic car insurance provider.

One such provider operating in the UK is perhaps the oldest and most storied of the lot, and that company is Footman James Classic Car Insurance, who you can find online at footmanjames.co.uk. Footman James have been specialising in insuring every type of classic car for over 25 years, giving them a wealth of experience in every single model and make of classic car out there. Perfect if you want to keep your MG extra safe!

Footman James policies stand out due to the extra they offer as standard to all policy holders. They even offer discounts if you are a member of a car enthusiast club! Some of the perks you will receive include full European and UK Breakdown Cover, cover in 35 different EU countries, Agreed Value which is written into the policy, full motor legal expenses, personal injury cover due to road rage and carjacking, and Emergency European Travel Cover.

Their policies also come fully customisable, with certain add-ons available for a small extra fee. These include multi-vehicle cover, limited mileage options, and even laid up insurance. You can get a policy off them by calling their UK based call centre at 0843 357 1060. Check them out today and keep your classic MG safe.

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