All you need to know about provisional car insurance

Many people when they are learning to drive will go out for a drive in either a car they have purchased for after they pass their own test or in another person's car. While it is true you are allowed to drive a car for learning purposes as long as you have another person with a full license supervising, you must also have provisional car insurance. This is provisional driving insurance that covers you for at least third party liability while you are driving the vehicle. If you are stopped by the police and found to be driving without insurance, you can still have points put onto your license, and they will transfer onto your full license once you pass your test. You can also receive a fine and have your car taken from you and held until such a time as you can prove you are insured.

Third party provisional car insurance is the most basic car insurance you can purchase and covers any damage you cause to a third party vehicle. It is important to note that with this type of insurance, any damage to you or your car is not covered and the expense of getting the car back on the road will be from your pocket. Third party, fire and theft again covers damage to a third party, however you are also covered if your car is damaged as a result of fire or if your vehicle is stolen.

Fully comprehensive provisional car insurance offers all the cover of the previous policies, as well as cover for your own vehicle. This means in the event of an accident that is your fault, the bill for repairs or a replacement vehicle is covered for both you and the third party involved. Insurance premiums are high for new drivers because they are seen as an insurance risk. New license holders make up only ten-percent of total licenses held in the UK, but new license holders are responsible for 30-percent of accidents. Purchasing provisional car insurance is not optional, you are breaking the law by driving without it.

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