Prudential Car Insurance - all you need to know

Prudential are among the most experienced and trusted insurance providers in the UK. The following is some advice on Prudential car insurance.


Prudential provide protection for you and your car with their range of car insurance products. They have an experienced team that are committed to providing you with the best level of cover that suits your requirements and budget. They provide online quotes that take just a few minutes.

Types of car insurance

Prudential provide three main levels of car insurance cover. These levels are Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party only. Third Party Only is the minimum level of insurance that you are required to take out in the UK. It protects your liability for injuring other people and passengers and liability for damage to property in the event of an accident. Third Party Fire and Theft covers the same liabilities as Third Party Only but with additional fire and theft cover. Comprehensive insurance provides you with full liability cover against accidental damage caused to the insured car. This also covers malicious damage to your vehicle, personal accident benefits and medical expenses. Personal belongings carried in your vehicle are also covered.


Car insurance from Prudential offers a number of excellent benefits. This includes a guaranteed courtesy car on comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies. There are additional discounts for buying online and no claims discounts of up to 65%. They also have flexible payment options allowing you to pay your motor insurance in one lump sum or monthly installments.  They have a UK based call centre for any queries you may have and there is a variable voluntary excess.

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