Public sector to go on strike

The row over pensions, pay and jobs in the public sector has worsened, with civil servants voting overwhelmingly to join teachers in taking industrial action against the Government's austerity measures.

A 24-hour walk out of 750,000 public sector workers is scheduled for June 30, with civil servants then opting for a month long ban on overtime. Other parts of the public sector could also follow in taking strike action, may lead to an autumn of discontent involving 1.5 million workers and affecting the entire country, as key services are disrupted.

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union voted in favour of industrial action by 61.1%, in a turnout of 32.4%. PCS leader Mark Serwotka said: 'This result shows that public servants, who provide vital services from the cradle to the grave, will not stand back while everything they have ever worked for is taken from them.

'The Government admits that money cut from pensions will go straight to the Treasury to help pay off the deficit in what is nothing more than a tax on working in the public sector. The very modest pay and pensions of public servants did not cause the recession, so they should not be blamed or punished for it.'

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