Our guide to nabbing Quad Insurance

If you are planning to drive your quad on a public road you are legally entitled to have valid quad insurance. There are only a select few companies that can offer road legal insurance for quads. Lexhaminsurance.co.uk have exclusive quad, ATV and road buggy insurance schemes with a number of insurers which enables them to find a policy that suits you. Like car insurance, there are three options to choose from:

  1. Third party - The legal level of cover required by law. This covers damages to a third party vehicle or property only.
  2. Third party, fire and theft - This includes everything that a third party policy has but also includes damage by fire, lightning and explosions. If your quad is damaged during an attempted robbery or if it is stolen you will be covered.
  3. Fully Comprehensive - This is the premium level of cover and covers all of the above as well as accidental or malicious damage to your quad.

There is an excess of £100 on each policy. This means that you must pay the first £100 of any claim regardless of the circumstances. You can choose to higher your excess which will make your insurance premium cheaper for the year.

There is also the option to add personal accident insurance with each policy for an additional £49. If you would like more information about insurance for your quad or you would like to obtain a quote, simply log onto lexhaminsurance.co.uk where you can receive a quote in less than two minutes!

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