Queue rage

There's nothing like a good queue to get the blood boiling it seems. Whether its being in a queue that's terminally slow moving, or there being a parallel line moving much quicker than yours, nobody likes queuing, and according to new research, it doesn't take long for many Brits to blow their top.

Boffins from delivery company myHermes found that it took on average 150 seconds of waiting to get 60 percent of us losing our patience. A slow internet connection is the number one thing that makes the red mist descend, along with slow drivers and traffic jams.

One in six adults admitted to having a row with shop staff after having to wait in a queue, while the same was true for one in three people with call-centre staff. Other bugbears include making an appoint with a GP or dentist and people spending too long in a public toilet.

Company spokesman Jon Tobbell said: 'It's surprising to see the extent of how impatient people really are. People nowadays don't want to be hanging around for any longer than expected.'

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