Obtaining Quick Credit

There are a number of legit ways to obtain quick credit. Aside from winning a substantial amount on the lottery or pools, there are various organisations and companies who will offer credit to you. Some will require that you have a proven record of paying for previous bills, a good credit rating and that you have a means of paying it back, while some will simply need proof that you have a job with regular pay.

Perhaps the most obvious way of obtaining credit is to apply for a credit card. There are a number of credit card companies offering 0% APR on balance transfers and even 0% interest on certain purchases made within the initial few months of registering the card. Of course, having a credit card can also be a one-way ticket to further debt, as it is very easy to make a purchase without thinking about the consequences of when the dreaded quarterly bill arrives!

A more recent way of obtaining quick credit is to request a payday loan. Payday loan companies offer an instant payment into your bank account that you can use for emergencies and much-needed essentials when you’re waiting to get paid if, for example, an unforeseen circumstance arises. One example could be that you have just been paid, but your car breaks down and the repair costs leave you with just enough money for your rent or mortgage, leaving you with no money for food or other utility bills that are due later in the month. A payday loan allows you to obtain credit prior to your wages hitting your account. Of course, as with credit cards, a payday loan will usually a be at the expense of a high interest rate, which will likely be excessively higher than most standard bank loans.

When looking to obtain quick credit, always bear in mind the potential risks of failing to pay it back, weighing up the pros and cons of applying for the funds and the extra costs involved.

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