Looking to Make Quick Investment Returns

We all work hard to earn money, so it’s only natural that we want our money to work hard for us, and getting quick investment returns is one way we can hope to do this. There are many kinds of investments and they can be very lucrative. They can also be very risky and you could end up loosing your hard-earned cash and then some.

Risk Free Investing

When you want to invest your money, the only real investment that is risk free is to purchase gilts. Gilts or bonds, are government or business IOUs. They are, in essence, a way for an organisation to borrow money from the public with the promise to pay it back at a predetermined date with a pre-set amount of interest. Bonds are usually sold in denominations of £100 and the interest isn’t great, but it is fairly guaranteed and you don’t risk loosing your initial investment. Bonds can be purchased at banks, building societies, and insurance firms.

Investing in Premium Bonds

In the UK, one of the most popular and simple investments today are Premium Bonds. These are bonds issued by the UK government and are currently carrying an interest rate of 1.5%. The additional chance of winning a prize in the monthly drawing gives these bonds a bit of an exciting edge. You can invest any amount from £100 to £30,000 and you must hold the bond for at least one month before cashing in. If you have a good deal of cash to invest and are looking for a fast turnaround, this could be a good investment.

Other Options to Keep in Mind

When it comes to making money quickly on an investment there is always the stock market and foreign exchange. These can be highly risky and you should do a great deal of research and understand how these types of investments work before venturing into the field. Quick investment returns can be obtained, but they carry a high risk, as well.

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