Let's try to find a quick loan in Dublin

If you're looking for a quick loan in Dublin then you've probably noticed that, unlike your friends in the UK, you won't be able to avail of a Pay Day Loan - leaving you a little lighter on options for boosting your personal finances. The good news is that Irish banks are aware of this gap in the market, and are trying to get their loans into your hands as quickly as possible.

Perhaps the best financial institution for getting you your loan quickly is AIB, and you can check out their extensive personal loan section at aib.ie/personal/loans. So what benefits do you get from taking out an AIB Personal Loan?

Well, apart from the speed in which they'll get it into your account, they will let you make unscheduled repayments should you come into a bit of money at no extra cost. They will schedule flexible repayments that suit you, not the bank. Their interest rates are some of the best in Ireland, and compare extremely favourably with their rivals Bank of Ireland. There are no set up charges or fees for the early repayment of your loan. You choose the repayment frequency, and you can apply either online or in store.

The amount you can borrow with one of AIB's quick loans is entirely dependent on how much you can comfortably pay back. However the minimum loan amount is 1,500 Euro.

So, if you're looking for a quick loan in Dublin, check out the deals on offer from AIB today!

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