How to get a quick loan in the UK

Quick loans are also known as pay day loans, 90 day loans or instant loans and are becoming more and more common on the British economic markets. There are thousands of websites all over the world wide web dedicated to finding a quick loan in the UK but finding reliable information can be difficult. Usually, a safe bet is to check that a company is registered with the Financial Services Authority or is a major bank such as Barclays or HSBC.

What do I need for a quick loan in the UK?

Usually all you need for a quick loan is some ID with confirmation of your permanent UK address and a UK bank account. Different countries sometimes have different requirements so make sure that you check that you have the correct documents before you apply.

Does my credit score matter?

The loan company will use the details that you give them to complete a comprehensive credit check. This credit check will tell the enquirer whether or not you have defaulted on payments, made late payments, or had any other official trouble with another credit company, whether it be a mobile phone company or your landlord. It is with this credit score that they will make a decision on whether or not to offer you a loan so make sure that you retain good credit history in order to have access to these services in future. Signing up for services like Credit Expert will give you the opportunity to check your credit score for free.

How quickly will I get the money?

Normally money will be transferred into your account within a few hours although some companies offer extra fast services such as personal cash delivery or expedited bank transfers but they normally cost upwards of £25.

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