Why Quinn Direct car insurance is so good for young drivers!

If you're insurance policy is nearly due for renewal you should consider getting a quote from Quinn Direct car insurance especially for young drivers. They are market leaders in the insurance industry in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Part of the Quinn group, they have provided top quality insurance to the market for over ten years. Their experience and professionalism is second to none.

With Quinn Direct, you can quotes for most of their products on their website which can be found at quinn-direct.com. They offer excellent value to young drivers and for people wishing to take out their first insurance policy who have no previous driving experience.

To get a quote off of Quinn Direct, you have a number of options. You can call their quoteline number on 0845 850 0845 where an agent will be happy to assist you in getting a competitive quotation. You can also visit their website where you can get an online quotation in minutes. By inputting all of your personal details, vehicle details, license details and any previous driving experience, you will be giving an instant quote which you can then purchase online.

A Quinn Direct policy offers more than just your basic level of cover. Every policy also comes with the following great benefits:

  • Free breakdown cover and Homestart
  • Step back no claims bonus as standard
  • 24 hour claims helpline
  • Easy monthly repayments
  • Multi product discount

For more information about their insurance or to receive an instant quote, simply visit quinn-direct.com

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