You'll never be stuck with Quinn car insurance

Quinn is one of the leading insurance companies operating in Ireland and it's a fantastic choice for car insurance. Quinn-direct specialises in providing cheap car insurance to drivers of all ages. And for years it's been the first port of call for young drivers looking for good deal on car insurance to get on the road.

If you opt for a Quinn car insurance policy there are loads of benefits that you can look forward to. Free 24 hour breakdown service is invaluable to anyone who doesn't want to be left sitting on the side of the road for hours waiting for a Good Samaritan to come along. The monthly payment plan allows you to pay your car insurance over the course of a year, without having to fork out one huge lump sum.

Some of the other benefits which are covered as standard with Quinn-direct include a courtesy car, full cover for driving in the EU for up to 93 days, low claims excess, loss of keys cover, driving other cars and audio equipment cover.

If you take out a comprehensive car insurance policy with Quinn-direct you'll be entitled to even better benefits. Not only will you be covered against personal accidents and medical expenses, you're hotel expenses will be covered if you break down miles from home. Just go easy on the room service, unfortunately that's not included in the deal!

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