Find out here about Quinn Direct car insurance for young drivers

Quinn Direct car insurance offers young drivers in the UK and Ireland premium insurance cover at affordable prices. For 15 years they have been driven down the cost of car insurance in Ireland and more recently have also broke into the UK market. They have always prided themselves on providing cheap, affordable insurance for younger drivers.

Whether it is a motorbike or a car you are thinking about insuring, Quinn direct will have a policy to suit you. When taking out car insurance with Quinn Direct, you have two choices to choose from:

  1. Third party fire and theft - The minimum level of cover that will cover you in the case of a fire or theft or will cover any injuries to other people and their property.
  2. Fully Comprehensive - All the benefits of third party fire and theft but with the added security that accidental damage that is caused by you to your car is also covered.

Getting a quote from Quinn Direct has never been so easy. They can be reached by phone in both the UK and Ireland where a representative will take your details and find you the cheapest price possible. You can also get a quote online at their website which can be found at quinn-direct.com. Online quotes include a discount of up to 15% and include free breakdown cover as standard with all policies.

For more information on any Quinn Direct products or to obtain a new quote, please visit their website at quinn-direct.com.

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