Save with RAC Car Insurance

RAC car insurance boasts the kind of useful perks you would expect from one of the UK's premier emergency roadside assistance companies. Find out if you can save money on your car insurance while also improving your coverage and benefits.


Car insurance doesn't have to cost a fortune. 10 percent of customers with RAC car insurance pay as little as £248 a year for coverage.

If you're already an RAC breakdown member, you can get an additional 10 percent discount on your car insurance quote, and the breakdown cover itself will be discounted by 50% when added to your insurance policy, increasing the savings all around.


RAC car insurance includes a 3 year guarantee on repairs, a courtesy car, easy windscreen replacement and personal accident coverage up to £2,500.

Additional coverage protects your personal property and stereo equipment, unexpected medical expenses resulting from a car accident and new car replacement -- meaning if your brand new car gets written off, you can get a replacement version of the same make and model.

Premium Coverage

If more coverage is needed, you can upgrade to the RAC insurance plus program for just a small percentage of the total premium cost.

The insurance plus program includes transport home so that you will never be left stranded, increased personal accident coverage up to £5,000, and up to £100 towards car seats, which should always be replaced after an accident.

If you become seriously ill or injured during travel, the RAC car insurance plus program provides a car collection service, and the program also provides immediate assistance and covers the cost of replacement if you lose your car keys.

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