RAC Membership Cost and Discounts

As with any insurer, the RAC membership cost will vary depending on the type of policy you take out and your personal circumstances. Most examples of costs listed on sites are representative examples, which might not meet your individual expectations.

Generally, the more you have covered, the more expensive RAC membership will be compared to having a skeleton cover policy. Most of their policies come with:

  • 24 hour breakdown service
  • 4 out of 5 vehicles fixed on the roadside (depending on damage)
  • Access to more patrols out of all other insurers
  • Accidental care
  • Priority rescue for anyone in a vulnerable situation

However, you should check with RAC in regards to the specifics listed above. Most policies are based on a basic blueprint of cover but altered according to the individual which can easily affect the price of your RAC membership cost.

Aspects Affecting Membership Cost

Your RAC membership cost will be influenced by a number of factors, including joint or single cover, family cover, level of cover required (standard, recovery, at home, European breakdown) and any additional extras. You won't know whether your personal circumstances influence your membership cost until you apply and the quote you receive initially may not accurately reflect monthly premiums.


If you apply online for an RAC membership you will save up to 78% on your insurance, which normally works out at around £78. Cash back sites, which list car insurance providers and offer cash back for providing "leads", can also help you save on your car insurance; some customers have reported paying £11 on their RAC membership cost thanks to cash back incentives from comparison/lead sites. Topcashback, Cashback Kings and Quidco are some of the type sites for usin this method.

Basic Membership

The basic RAC membership cost is offered at around £33 to £42 per year, more depending on the type of cover you receive. You can go to rac.co.uk/uk-breakdown to find a personal quote for your car insurance with accurate price listings (including discounts).

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